Sunday RAW

Sunday RAW

Experience the power and magic of Sunday Rituals!

Sunday RAW vs. Sunday roast! Most of us know that Sunday roast is very popular and being  practiced in many families and served in many restaurants and pubs for so many years. We also know that it’s not healthy, yet many people still choose that option, WHY? The answer is simple, because they have done it for so long, that it became a ritual for them, something deeply ingrained and almost encoded, so it runs automatically, without thinking! According to University College of London, we need to practice for at least 66 days to install a new habit, to become automatic!

Consistency is the mother of Mastery! Create the time for personal Mastery! Create habits and rituals that empower you and help you grow, expand and develop, so that you can step into your potential and become the best version of Yourself!

Develop powerful and supportive rituals for your family and friends!

Install the powerful Sunday Raw ritual and let your body benefit from the beauty and power of raw, nutritious and living food! And it isn’t only about eating, but also creating the food together, it really is fun to share with others what we love doing! Get creative together with those you love and care about!

Ice cream

Take advantage of the summer season and enjoy it fully! The Nature is really generous and the variety is huge, choose what suits you best and select your favourite foods to celebrate Sunday RAW! It could be making your own ice cream. (Small avocado, handful of soaked cashews, 7 dates, raspberries, blueberries, banana, 1tsp of coconut oil, 1 tsp of vanilla, 2 tsp of raw cacao powder, 1 tsp of carob, adjust sweetness to your taste) You can freeze them, or instead you can use frozen fruits and add some ice cubes, blend all in a powerful blender and serve with some fresh fruits.

Green Tower

Green Towers created with slices of cucumber served with sunflower pate (you can use humus instead), layer of mashed avocado, fermented beetroots and fresh grated carrot, topped with sprouts of your choice!

Raw Salad

Simple raw salad created with avocado, sauerkraut, carrot, chicory, fermented beetroots, olives, sprouts, lemon juice and olive oil! Create your own version!

Installing a new habit is like buying a new pair of shoes, they might fit perfectly straight away or might be a bit uncomfortable at the beginning, but after some time of wearing them, they become like your second skin.

Question Everything! We need to question everything and select what is good and empowers us, and get rid of unsupportive old habits, despite of the fact, that perhaps our families have done it for many, many years! Perhaps something was serving them at some point of their lives, or maybe it was the best option or solution available at that time, but you’re living a different life, and what you do is your choice, and you take responsibility for your decisions.

So question whatever you do in your life and what you eat as well. The example of Sunday roast shows how powerful rituals are, whether they are good for us or not! Most people follow this, without even thinking. Awareness is the first step to a conscious living, don’t operate on autopilot; become aware of what happens in your life! What are the results of your habits, are you aware of them? Create habits and rituals that are supportive and serve you really well and help you grow every day! Please share your experience!

Kasia xx


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