Simple Meals

Simple Meals

‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’.

These wise words by Leonardo da Vinci refer to all aspects of our life, including eating!

Make your meals using a few ingredients!

Simple meals are a lot easier to digest comparing to complex and very laborious meals. Our body can digest a lot better a small number of ingredients at the same time than when is loaded with a complex meal and a huge number of ingredients. So our interest is to help our body work efficiently.

The fact that we choose to consume simple meals doesn’t mean that they are less enjoyable or tasty; less is more!

For those who experience any kind of allergies or food intolerance, choosing a simple meal helps to identify the ingredients that are not compatible with your metabolism.

Another good argument to choose simplicity is that simple meals can be prepared in a short time; instead you gain more time to eat slowly, chew really well and enjoy fully the whole process of creating and consuming your meal!



This nutritious and colourful meal can be a great choice for parties or just an elegant and delicious way to welcome your guests and friends, or make your day special and feel amazing!

All you need to do is cut thick slices of cucumber, make sprouted pate (sunflower seeds and mung beans) or you can use hummus instead and add spices of your choice like garlic, ginger, turmeric, Himalayan salt, cayenne pepper, cumin. The top layer is made of fresh grated carrot and finely chopped fermented beetroots and decorated with sprouted sunflower seeds, mung beans and watercress.



These avocado snacks are wonderful; I personally love combining avocados with sauerkraut and fermented beetroots, they sharpen the taste of avocados and add extra colour, avocados make them absorbed really well. Perfect marriage!

When we consume too much food, or food that is very difficult to digest or not compatible with our metabolism, we often feel overloaded, tired and sleepy. Can you imagine waiting two or three hours for your car to drive after you put 5 litters of petrol? Food should fuel your body, not take away your energy to metabolize what you have eaten!

Digesting takes time! Our body has to metabolize every ingredient that is included in your meal and that process takes time. So give your organism a chance to deal with the food you consumed, before loading another portion. What’s more, it takes different time to digest different ingredients so it really matters how we create meals and combine ingredients. Very commonly used mix to be avoided is proteins and carbohydrates. Don’t combine proteins and carbohydrates! Your body needs to use different enzymes to digest them and your stomach needs to have a good level of acidity to be able to digest proteins!

Set a clear intention to welcome simplicity in your life and expand your awareness of creating and consuming simple meals!  Soon you will be rewarded with all the benefits and you will be inspired to introduce more supportive habits in everyday life!

Kasia xx


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