KasiaKasia Łukasz founded SINLESS FOODS to promote a Happy & Healthy lifestyle, to set a good example and encourage people to implement plant-based, raw, living and nutritious foods. Her mission is to raise awareness and inspire people to take responsibility for their own health, gain energy and be able to live happy and extraordinary lives!

Kasia continues to promote a healthy and conscious lifestyle and to inspire others by sharing her experience and knowledge in her BLOG, Social Media and forthcoming BOOK! She also works HOLISTICALLY with those who want to live consciously and guiding them in their self-discovery journey, assisting with uncovering hidden challenges in order to gain clarity & harmony, find inner freedom & happiness, and most importantly, discover who they are, as this is the key to solve all our problems and find our PURPOSE!

As someone who was addicted to sugar for so many years and was blindly unaware of the hazards of such a lifestyle, founding SINLESS FOODS has revolutionised her understanding of how to truly nourish our bodies, find freedom, balance and great energy! Without you realising, so many products, sweet & savoury, contain vast quantities of refined sugar, additives & preservatives. SINLESS FOODS is the solution to that problem!

‘Sinless Cakes’ were first made over a decade ago after Kasia decided to completely eliminate refined sugar from her diet. It came also very handy when she became vegan over five years ago, and then gluten-free as well. People loved the quality and the taste and were astonished that they didn’t contain refined sugar at all, and that is the story of how SINLESS DESSERTS were born.

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